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Floor Sanding

We provide a complete range of services to revitalize your interiors by laying new timber flooring or revamping your old ones. If you need a new timber floor, we can provide a range of locally sourced timbers milled at our own workshop so that you get a quality product. Our staff will discuss your preferred look and advise you on the ideal timber to suit your requirements to achieve the result you need in terms of light, texture and durability. We specialize in floor sanding and sealing and we’ve been in the trade for over 60 years so we know all the time honored practices as well as the latest technologies as well.

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Floor Polishing

We can lay a timber floor over any surface and using the latest hidden nail and glued methods, you will have a seamless perfect look. When it comes to sealing and finishing, we use a wide range of the best products, whether it be oil, solvent or water based, we can advise on the best product to get the result you want. Our friendly efficient team will get the job done promptly and cleanly avoiding unnecessary disturbance to your home or work environment. We’ve got the resources to provide a quick turnaround to get you back into your home or office as quickly as possible.

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Timber Flooring

Whether you require a revamp of all or part of your home flooring, a commercial premises that endures a lot of foot traffic such as a restaurant or hotel, or your office floor, we can tailor make the finish to suit the need. Over the years we’ve gained vast experience and knowledge about the best methods and products to get the best out of any timber floor, old or new. Our staff are professional experts with years of experience with all kinds of timber and sealing products and can advise you on the best way to get the finish you want.

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Timber Supplier

We know that customer service is just as important as a quality product in any business which is why we strive to ensure our customers are consulted on every aspect of the job. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with complete satisfaction with the job and we take the time and care to ensure the result our customers are looking for. Our business has thrived over the years and we know it’s because we combine quality service with quality products.

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